One Dollar.

First Dollar

It may seem silly.  Yes, that is a true $1 Dollar Bill.  Why am I posting it, you may ask?

Well, the answer is simple yet very complicated.

Simple Answer:  I earned it.  About 1000 of them. Writing.

Complicated Answer:  There are people out there, my “haters”, who feel they can put me down or at least try to make themselves feel better by posting negative things on social media. And that’s the lesson here, hidden, very carefully:  ONLY I CAN GIVE THEM THAT POWER.  OR CHOOSE NOT TOO.

Here’s the backstory.

A few weeks ago, after I thought what was finally enough of the “X”, I went snooping.  Big mistake.  I knew when I was typing her name that I should just stop.

“Don’t do it Christine.”

That practical, logical, nice girl sitting on my shoulder was giving me that look.  You know the one.  The look that every woman has that says, “You know I’m right!” But I found myself still typing.

And there it was.  Just a few posts down.  She found my business page.  Damn!

All it said was, “Writer’s a la Mode.  Yeah, right.  First you gotta be a writer.”

I had so many thoughts going through my head.  Most of them not nice.  In fact, down right evil.  I mean thoughts that would have gotten me thrown into jail.

I hate this woman with such a passion.  She has done so much to my life over the last 6 years.  She has known everything about me that can only be shared from someone close to me.  She knows things that only my then-husband and family would know.  And there in lies the problem.

It’s not her.

And it’s not him.

I made the mistake.  I kept him too long.  I should have kicked his ass out YEARS ago. It was me.  I was the weak one.  I was the one who couldn’t find the strength to get past all this.  I was the one who LET her have the power and control.

So last week, on Halloween, I proudly took that check to the bank, asked the very nice man behind the counter if I could cash a dollar from the check and if you could please make it a clean crisp one, that would be awesome.  He was more than happy to oblige.  He even asked if it was new enough.

So there it is.  That clean, crisp, beautiful dollar I EARNED!  As you can see, I have it pinned.  On my Vision Board.  Just one step closer to my goal.

Every day do something to get there.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

Don’t let others control your attitude.

Find the strength to conquer EVERYTHING!

Find your happy.

And make every day count!


P.S.  I no longer “hate” this woman.  It’s not her fault she hasn’t found her happiness and peace yet.  She obviously has self esteem issues.  I do pray for her everyday.  Think she’ll find this blog?  Think she’ll find the strength to look for something different?  I can only pray that she does, someday.  Before it’s too late.


Author: Christine

You will learn all about me through this blog. Happy Reading!

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